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Following stories from the 28th and 29th April. To go Sylv, Roy and I decided to go to the movies, I saw Sylv lying in sexy lingerie, lacy white panties, white silk waist slip and a bra front fastening, I think she was ready to have sex that night, she put on a black sarong and white blouse. , we went and collected the car on the way Roy was a 12 km fatmomtube trip to the cinema. Upon arrival, I parked the car fatmomtube and went to the movies, Sylv sat between me and Roy. After a while I realized Sylv moved in his seat, I looked up fatmomtube and saw Roy had his hand on her skirt, wrap skirts are open on the side, so it was easy for Roy slipped his hand into his skirt, felt her pussy, rose from his seat easily Sylv for Roy could drop her panties down. Sylv had to put her coat on Roy 's lap and she came out of his cock and he did a straw, the layer is hidden what they did. I think people have to be behind us NotIced what was going on, but nobody said anything. FEAL I went to her pussy and I put my hand on fatmomtube the rock het, but Roy had his fingers in the pussy, he must have had all their fingers in my fingers, so I get tired I gave up. After the movie finished, we decided to go for a drink, so I drove the car to the bar was very dark in the parking lot. We stayed at the bar for about an hour. When we left the pub told me that I was in the car and the lights on, as it was very dark and could follow if the lights on and went, I saw it coming. I have the car and sat at the lights and waited on them to come. He seemed to take a while, then I saw it. I noticed, was dressed in all white Sylv yet wearing a black coat when we left. When he reached the car, I could see Roy wearing a skirt and blouse was open and made his investment front closure bra, had some sex on the road. Both got into the back of the car to stop to go home. I put in theTerie mirror to see how n or rather we left the parking lot and Roy received Sylvs clothes. After a while I looked in the mirror and saw Sylv Roy sucked cock and then tried to catch her in the back of the car. later asked to leave a quiet place, so I was in a very quiet car, which was drawn blank. The two out of the car Sylv was naked and had his troucers Roy and shorts at the ankle, went to the front of fatmomtube the car Sylv on the hood and Roy began to fuck, she fatmomtube passed a car, but it would'nt let shit, I looked at him with a straw and enjoy everything that was happening. Roy then shot his load in Sylv. Roy had'nt used a condom and care Sylv did'nt worked as obvious. I thought, Sylv go on the pill or coil, as might be pregnant. When they finished we hopped in the car, Roy sperm came from her pussy and down her legs. We have Roy back home and then went home. asSylv the car home, fatmomtube she caught his eye, I got on the pitch and began to fuck, I was so excited that I get tired a lot. Sylv said Roy was the biggest cock she had ever had and did'nt want to help him shit all the time, liked to fatmomtube make love to me, but I did'nt like to meet Roy. We had to wait to see if she is pregnant and has installed the packages from the pill or the coil. For more stories to follow, if anyone is interested.
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